Strategic Intervention Life Coaching Sessions


Empowering you with the ability to uncover pent up fears, anger, sadness, resentment, false self beliefs, and much more so you are able to release unwanted feelings/emotions that leave you feeling stuck and unhappy. I believe you can achieve anything you want to by focusing on what you want and eliminating what doesn’t serve your higher purpose in life leaving you to fulfill your purpose, to live life with a passion, and to find and fulfill your dreams.

What does a Life Coach do?

A Life Coach helps others evolve and find their inner truth on the path they walk through different roles/areas in life by empowering them to create a more fulfilling and passionate life.  It allows individuals to have more control over their life vs. allowing life to control them.  SI (Strategic Intervention Life Coaching) is a service delivered to an individual that is the most relevant way to learn, strengthen, grow, and understand how to help themselves and others around them to heighten or repair relationships and bring a deeper meaning in them.

Life Coaching allows you to:

-Eliminate false or limiting beliefs

-Eliminate feeling stuck in a rut

-Find your purpose or passion in life

-Achieve your goals

-Overcome barriers you may be struggling with (i.e. fears, procrastination, boundaries, weight loss, etc)

These life coaching sessions will leave you feeling free, happy, confident, & more excited about life again!

Individual sessions are $150 per hour if done in the office or $200 for home visits.  Multi session packages and yearly fees are available at a discounted rate upon request.