Hands massaging female face at the spa

Reiki massage is a calm practical healing method to decrease strain, ease pain, and help cure.

Reiki practitioners hold that the fundamental power of the cosmos, is channeled through the practitioner to energize the various, body systems on levels that endorse curing and completeness.  The hands of the Reiki practitioner are used to examine a client’s body, and to recognize and treat parts of condensed energy in the client. The Reiki massage helps in relaxing and healing a lot of sickness in the individuals.

Even if you are not sick, this process is a method to give you peace and reduce the stress level of life.

It is is first carried out on the head of the client and works out its path through the seven charkas or the centers of energy of the human body and is considered to be the best to relieve pain and cure the illness of various body areas. In essence, this specific process is unique and targeted and is not the same as the normal massage.