Massages – Individual Sessions range from $30 to $120 1/2 Hr – $30 One Hr – $60 1 1/2 Hrs – $90 2 Hours – $120 Hypnomassage – $120 Reiki – $70 Cupping – $65 Package Deals begin at $125 5 Session Massage Packages (5) 1/2 Hr Sessions – $125 (5) One Hr Sessions – $275 (5) 1 1/2 Hr Sessions – $425 (5) Two Hr Sessions – $575 10 Session Massage Packages (10) One Hr Sessions – $500 (10) 1…


Carey Offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year on multiple subjects. Be on the lookout for updates to this page for more classes or workshops in your area! See below for our Essential Oils Workshops! Click here for the most up to date schedule Company Requests for a workshop


Strategic Intervention Life Coaching Sessions

Empowering you with the ability to uncover pent up fears, anger, sadness, resentment, false self beliefs, and much more so you are able to release unwanted feelings/emotions that leave you feeling stuck and unhappy. I believe you can achieve anything you want to by focusing on what you want and eliminating what doesn’t serve your higher purpose in life leaving you to fulfill your purpose, to live life with a passion, and to find and fulfill your dreams. What does…